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In an effort to maintain and improve the air quality in Central Texas, the Texas Department of Transportation requires vehicle emissions testing in several Texas counties, including Travis and Williamson. This means that any passenger car, light duty truck or SUV registered in a testing county, must have an annual vehicle inspection.

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Why Do We Have State Inspections?

Texas requires vehicle emissions testing in an effort to maintain and improve the air quality. This state inspection process checks defined safety items for all applicable vehicles, and expands the inspection process to check emission levels for 1981 and newer gasoline vehicles. The state of Texas publishes the inspection process on their website, as well as defining what will cause your vehicle to fail their testing protocol.

Inspections at Lamb’s

Lamb’s Tire & Automotive is proud to offer annual vehicle inspections, as well as meet the expectations of the Texas Department of Transportation on acceptable vehicle conditions. We have licensed vehicle inspection stations and recognized emission repair facilities (RERF) for the state of Texas. We provide OBDII and TSI testing for vehicles 1981 and newer, as well as state safety stickers for non-emissions testing required vehicles. Please visit the TxDOT website for more information.

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