Tire Mount, Balance, Rotation and Repairs

Tires are more than just air. They are made of layers of rubber and polyester surrounded by bands of metal.

Your tires are the key to controlling your vehicle. The brakes and suspension system apply stopping pressure to the wheels, but the tires have to maintain contact on the road surface. Traction controls and advanced anti-lock braking systems direct the vehicle to perform critical maneuvers; however the tires have to bear the force of the vehicle during those actions.

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Mounting and Balancing at Lamb’s

Your car requires balancing to smooth out the heavy spots from your vehicle. Improper mounting techniques can cause false balance readings, which will add significantly more counterweight than necessary. Lamb’s Tire & Automotive uses assisted mounting equipment and diagnostic balancing machines to ensure that your wheel and tire combination rolls easily and smoothly down the road. We use proper mounting techniques to create balanced match of tire to the wheel. We also provide static and dynamic balancing services based upon your vehicle needs.

Regular Tire Maintenance and Repair

When it comes to tires we are the professionals. Our certified technicians will fully inspect your tires to make the right recommendations concerning maintenance, repair or replacement. To ensure that your tires get the attention they deserve, regular tire rotations are critical. We recommend that normal use tires be rotated every 5,000-6,000 miles, and high performance tires every 3,000-4,000 miles, whether or not they show signs of wear. We will always test drive your vehicle before services to verify your concerns and after the work is done to verify the proper repair.

Dealing with a Flat Tire

In addition to the immediate inconvenience of having to install a spare tire, you will also have to get the punctured tire repaired. There are three primary considerations for this repair: evaluating the damage, reestablishing an airtight seal, and completely filling the path the object took through the tire. Typically a mushroom-shaped patch and plug combination repair is considered to be the best method of repairing a punctured steel belted radial. Be aware of shops that say they can repair a tire in 10 minutes without removing it from the wheel. They aren’t following the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association procedures. A correctly done flat repair that follows the multi-step repair procedures will take approximately 30 minutes.

Warnings to Look For

Taking care of your car starts with maintaining your tires. If you notice unusual wear patterns on your tires or shaking in your steerking wheel, come see us to balance and rotate your tires. Constant or variable vibrations that increase or decrease with vehicle speed and uneven wear on one or more tires are other indications that your tires need to be balanced and rotated.

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