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At Lamb’s, great service starts by understanding your needs and being committed to meeting them, while exceeding your expectations. We want to build relationships and not just repair vehicles, so we designed our service process to cater to everyone consistently and uniquely.

We offer a courtesy condition report with all services. Our professional technicians thoroughly review vehicle systems and utilize the service schedule that is provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This “status report” provides the real-time condition of major components and ensures that your vehicle is being maintained according to the recommendations of the engineers that designed it.  At your request we will provide you the findings, including the areas that are of acceptable condition as well as those that are in need of service, along with a written estimate as needed. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need, when you need it, and then work together and plan on how best to avoid major problems and provide solutions to maximize the life of your vehicle.   

Below, you will see how we prioritize those status reports and findings, and what we do to make sure those reports are always provided professionally and in a manner that helps you make the best decisions.

Lamb’s Tire and Automotive guidelines regarding vehicle Service and Repair “Requirements/Suggestions”

It is Lamb’s policy that before any service is performed on a vehicle, a thorough inspection of the vehicle must be performed; the condition of major systems and components, codes and service procedure are determined according to the Evaluation Standard.

The results of the inspection must be documented on a Preventative Maintenance Analysis and explanation offered to customer. The inspection may indicate that service or part replacement is “Required” as defined below. The inspection may indicate that service or part replacement is “Suggested” as defined below. The inspection may indicate that service or parts replacement is not necessary due to our inability to validate concern or proper system function at time of inspection.

A customer, of course, has the choice of whether or not Lamb’s will service their vehicle. He or she may decide not to follow some or all recommendations. However, when a repair is “Required”, Lamb’s must refuse partial service on that system if, in our judgment, proceeding with the work could create or continue an unsafe condition.

Note: Suggested services are always optional. When presenting suggested repairs to the customer, representatives of Lamb’s must present the facts, allowing the customer to draw their own conclusions and make an informed decision about how to proceed.


I. Recommendations are based upon the following Evaluation Standard:

System Failure: A part or system indicated is out of manufacturers’ specifications, failed or is unable to perform the normal function as intended or designed by the manufacturer. Service or replacement is Required.

Preventive/Scheduled Maintenance: Part/system is scheduled for service/replacement according to manufactures service schedule, or is near the end of useful life per industry standards and repair/replacement is recommended in advance of part/system failure. Service or replacement is Suggested.

Improved System Performance: Part/system indicated is recommended for repair/replacement to enhance/improve the vehicle’s ability to perform as intended or designed by the manufacturer, or as requested by the customer. Service or replacement is Suggested.

II. Technician Certification Criteria

Shop personnel have acquired auto repair expertise through formal education or work experience. Where appropriate, personnel are moving toward certification (e.g. vehicle manufacturer, ASE, etc.) for the services performed.

Continuing education is supported by all Lamb’s employees.

III. Appropriate Company Approved Inspection

Shop will perform an appropriate inspection based on Lamb’s Preventative Maintenance Analysis.

IV. Service Estimates

Computerized estimates, based on inspection in compliance with above guidelines and state and local regulations, will include parts (dollar amount), labor (dollar amount), and the total estimate.

V. Work Authorization

No work will be performed without the customer’s prior approval.

VI. Limited Warranty

Lamb’s offers a minimum of 12 months/12,000 miles, (excluding otherwise noted services) whichever comes first, covering parts and labor.

VII. Returned Parts

All customers will be entitled to the return of old parts, or if they choose, they may examine the parts prior to authorizing work or leaving the store. Where failed parts are required to be returned to the manufacturer in order to honor the warranty, the customer will be allowed to examine the parts prior to return.

VIII. Classification of Parts

Unless otherwise noted on estimate and invoice, all parts will be identified as new, re-manufactured, or rebuilt. Lamb’s will inform the customer when above parts are not available and indicate on the estimate and invoice whether a used component has been installed.


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